Sunday, May 17, 2009

About Flour Albus

Maybe for some women is not foreign to the flour albus or leukorhea. Even sometimes we are careful with that because flour albus do not feel it is important to know more about what is flour albus, and what danger flour albus for us.

in medical terms is called leukorhea or flour albus, vagina fluid secretion is excessive and cause complaints
many benefits if we care to start now concerned with the flour albus. There are five characteristics common liquids vagina is not normal, that is excessive in number, fishy or musty smell, causing itching and pain around the sex, white or milk chocolate or dark yellow or redness or greenness, and cause a deviation in the region such as sex outside or bump injury. Not normal can be caused by factors of infection and not infection.

Factors including the infection is bacterial (Chlamydia, N. gonorrhoeae, bakterial vaginosis. Fungi (Candida sp.), And parasites (Trichomonas vaginalis). A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine said in 1997, 92% flour albus caused by the fungus Candida albicans.

Meanwhile, non-infection factors, among others serviks cancer, polyp serviks, for example, allergic to condoms or tissue KB, and irritation.

To avoid flour albus that is not normal there are several ways that we can do:

1. Keep the genitalia. Done waste water with a little clean water, the directions from the front to the back of the bladder anus.

2. Choosing the right lingerie, preferably of nylon material. Change clothes every day. And the pantyliners, not until the day full.

3. Avoid excess body weight and not eating too many foods high sugar womb.

4. Conducting regular inspections gynecology, including early detection of cancer serviks. Ideally once a year, especially for those who do have sexual relations.

No one, if we examined ourselves if flour albus come, especially if you have very flour albus disrupt us. This is all we have to do in order to anticipate the occurrence of more serious diseases such as cancer serviks.

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